If You Don't Think The Male Romper Is A Look Then You Are Just A Crazy Person

So these deals went viral towards the end of the day yesterday and there was a lot of bickering on Twitter. That all subsided once the whole “Trump told Russians secrets just to prove he knows secrets” stuff happened, which really is the beauty of Twitter: one second we’re arguing about male onesies and the next we’re arguing about the second Cold War. Beautiful thing, really.

Anyway, my point is that I’ve had a long time to think about this. It’s not an off the cuff blog after one glance. I’ve been debating male rompers in my head for over 12 hours, I’ve slept on it, and I can absolutely say that these things are FIRE.

Now I’ll admit it’s not really a New York City look. You won’t see me strutting my ass down 5th Avenue and flashing man thing at your girl, but it’s just topnotch beach town wear. Catch me in Newport or the Vineyard or the Hamptons in a shorts onesie, drinking fruity drinks. Watch me tear up the dance floor to I’m the One in a mono pattern romper. Look at me all confused in the bathroom while I get buck ass naked to take a piss. I’m gonna be the coolest, hottest dude out there and I have absolutely no doubt about it.

And before you say it’s gay you can shut up. Most fashionable dude in the history of cinema was team man romp, get your head checked.