For The Second Year In A Row, Terry Francona Clowns Kevin Cash On The Big Board In Cleveland


Last year:


God, I miss Terry Francona. Appreciate the shit out of him while you have him, Indians fans. Like Theo Epstein once said, “There’s a certain shelf life in these jobs” no matter who you are or what you’ve done in the past. And it’s true. Tito is right up there with Joe Maddon as one of the best, if not THE best manager in the entire game, but everybody’s got a shelf life. And while it was time for a new voice in that Red Sox clubhouse after 2011, I still get super jealous when I see Tito doing his thing out there in Cleveland.

I obviously wish him nothing but the best, but I still wish that he were doing that whole “best” thing in Boston. Not gonna mention any names, but some of the best managers in the game are unlikeable douchebags like Maddon and Buck Showalter. But with Tito, you get one of the best in-game decision makers, one of the best clubhouse managers, and one of the most likable, entertaining and hilarious personalities that the sport has to offer. Example No. 658 right here.