BREAKING: Ben H And Lauren B Have Broken Up


Oh noooooooooo. Down goes another Bachelor couple! The wedding is off! The wedding is off! Such drama. For those that don’t remember (you remember) Ben Higgins was the underwhelming high school quarterback from Indiana who, with all due respect, should’ve picked JoJo instead of Lauren. That’s just a fact. JoJo and Ben would’ve been together forever. Although things seemed to be going pretty well between the reality TV love birds. They got their own show on Freeform that was televised ambien and they were set to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. But nope. It’s over. Another TV couple bites the dust. You hate to see it.

Felt good to be in the presence of true love while it lasted. Alas


PS- If I’m an ABC producer I get both Lauren and Ben on the next season of Bachelor In Paradise and watch the hate flyyyyyyyy