"Always Sunny" Week At KFC Radio Kicks Off Discussing Dennis Reynolds' Best Moments

As some people have heard by now, Glenn Howerton’s show was picked up by NBC so it’s looking like his run on Sunny is over. In light of that, Kevin and I sat down for over an hour (it’s a hard list to cut down) and discussed some of our favorite Dennis moments and freakouts. They’re going to be release throughout the week on @KFCRadio instagram so follow that in order to keep pace.

We kicked it off with The Implication, arguably one of the most quoted lines in Always Sunny history and, in my opinion, one of the first times where you realized Dennis was really fucked up with some very dark tendencies. His spiral into full blown sociopathy was slow and there are bread crumbs all the way back to the first season, but I feel like this was one of the first times it was clear as day.

Nonetheless, it was excellent. As Kevin said he’s the most likable and relatable rapist that’s ever been portrayed. Here’s to Dennis.