President Trump Throws A Hat To The Son Of A Fallen Police Officer

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A big-time gesture from 45 there.

These are the types of situations and events that leads the media into majoring in minor shit when it comes to President Trump. He’s out there doing what most would consider the right thing. He’s speaking at the memorial service for a fallen police officer, but then he gets caught up in the moment and looks completely oblivious to the rest of society.

You dont throw your hats at a memorial service like they are a t-shirt at a baseball game. You give a grateful speech for a life of service, which he did BUT then he threw the damn hat. It makes no sense.

Want to give the son a hat? Wait and give it to him directly after the ceremony. A private moment with the President means something. Don’t brag about how you decided the situation was too serious to wear a hat despite the wind and jokes that you know you’ll get about your hair and then throw that same hat from the same serious stage to the son of the fallen police officer. It’s just a bizarre thing to do. It’s not republican weird or democrat weird. It’s just plain ole weird.

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40 dollars for a hat? Portnoy has been letting you guys off easily.

Why get a hat for a hat that’s 40 dollars for a guy who will only be President for 4 or 8 years? Trump is a season. Darty is a lifestyle.

Edit: it was the fallen police officer’s son which actually makes it worse.