Has There Ever Been A Bigger Franchise Altering Two Day Stretch In Celtics History?

Washington Wizards v Boston Celtics - Game Five


In the event you’ve been living under a rock, the next two days are pretttayyyyy pretttayyyy pretttaaayyy important for the future of our beloved Boston Celtics. Tonight brings a Game 7 while the wounds from Game 6 are still fresh (for me at least) and tomorrow brings the dreaded Lottery where the Celtics haven’t exact had the best history, especially recently. No other team in NBA history has found themselves in this similar position, one where one day you could punch a ticket to a Conference Finals, and then a day later also win the #1 overall pick. This is either going to be an all time 48 hours or the worst two days of our entire lives. Sure maybe they could win and get like #2 or something, but I’m not buying it. We’re getting an extreme one way or the other I can feel it.

So I have to ask, is this the most important 48 hours in Celtics history? I don’t want to be overdramatic, but I think it is right? Say what you want about how you think the ECF would go, there’s no denying it’s an important step in this franchises’ rebuild. I spent the better part of Sunday morning debating if making the ECF was important even if it meant getting swept by CLE and it was surprising to say the least that people care more about the lottery than you know, continuing to win playoff series. When thinking of the importance of each, here’s how it breaks down for me personally


– I don’t think you can overlook what might happen if the Celtics lose this game in terms of the mentality of this franchise. The NBA is littered with teams that never truly recovered from brutal playoff losses. Going from 7.5 seconds away from an ECF to your season being over, at home, can have lasting effects.

– For me, the ECF is important for this team because I think it’s key we see how far away from CLE we really are. It’s not a hot take to say the Cavs are better than the Celtics right now, but as we approach this summer with the goal of one day getting past CLE, it would be nice to know what areas work and what you need to address after facing them in the playoffs.

– There’s also the rationale that outside FAs will be more interested in BOS if they truly feel they are a player or two away from contending. While one game shouldn’t be the deciding factor for these guys, there’s no arguing a team that makes a conference finals is more appealing than one that doesn’t.

– The Celtics have a lot of tough decisions to make on their roster. Who do you extend, who do you trade, who do you let walk. Well, seeing this team play in a high pressure Game 7 will show me who has fucking balls and who doesn’t. Who on the roster can step up and come through, and who is going to turtle away from the moment and shit their pants.

– It would be a real kick to the dick to end this series losing 4 of the last 5 games so I’d like to avoid that for the sake of my testicles.

The Lottery

– Potentially, you could be in a position to draft an elite talent that could help lead your franchise for the next 10+ years. That is nothing to sneeze at. The good news is, the Celtics can’t fall out of the Top 4, so no matter what they are getting a good player, but if Fultz is truly the stud we all hope he is, losing out on him hurts.

Where they fall tomorrow also will help dictate what they do the next two summers. If they are able to take a PG, does that mean they don’t extend Isaiah? Move on from Smart/Rozier? What about Avery? If it’s #4 and they end up with someone like Tatum, does this mean they don’t extend a qualifying offer to Olynyk? So not only does this impact the type of player they get to draft, but it also impacts what the future of this roster might be. That’s pretty big in my opinion.

– If I had to guess, I would say we are going to get a whole lot of trading for Player X takes. My money is on the Jimmy Butler rumors AGAIN, and maybe for some reason some PG13 noise. But take the names out, the premise is something I agree with. This happened just last year when the Celtics got #3. The lower the pick, the lower the trade value is, and the more established NBA talent you have to give. So let’s say they get #4, well any potential trade is probably going to have to include a really good rotation player. If it’s #1 or #2, you can maybe use some of your rotational players as fill ins.

– I know we don’t want to talk about it, but with how bad the Nets have been when you combine that with the fact that we’re running out of BKN picks, it’s only natural to get a little antsy. We didn’t move them at the previous deadlines in hopes they would turn into #1 picks, and so far they are 0-1. I’m not really interested in playing the “should the Celtics have moved these picks when they had the chance” game that you KNOW is coming if they continue to get boned.

– It hasn’t happened before in NBA Lottery history, but if the Celtics are able to secure the #1 pick it will be the first time the team with the best lottery odds has won for three straight years. If I remember correctly its happened two years in a row two or three times, but never three in a row. Add in the fact that the Celtics have NEVER had the #1 pick, Red is going to have to work his damn magic.

It’s not often you can say the direction of a franchise is hinging on a 48 hour period. One second I’m confident and the next I’m preparing for the absolute worst. As #blessed as we are to be in this position, in typical Celtics fashion they are not making it easy on us. It may not make sense, but in my brain if we win tonight our Lottery odds immediately increase. If they lose, we’re getting #4, I just know it.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go puke my goddamn guts out.