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Mets Therapy Session 3 – The Cuncel Episode

So for our third installment of Mets Therapy, myself and the Clancy boys discussed where we stood on the Cuncel spectrum of this Mets season. Obviously as he blogged yesterday, KFC has gone full Cuncel. Like the other C-Word, once you go Cuncel you can never go back. Super Producer BC is even further down the line, putting himself in between KFC’s level of pessimism and Frank The Tank’s level of pessimism, which is so dark it can only be seen by the black levels of the finest HDTVs. Me? I’m keeping a strong face like the parent that has to be strong as the rest of the family falls to shit. Yeah I know that everything is likely to end in misery and destruction. But I still believe in the magic of the Rally Dildo. Yeah the Dildo Boyz got fucked in the ass this weekend. However when push comes to shove, it’s the Dildo Boyz that end up doing the fucking.

KFC also discusses how the phrase Cuncel The Saeson was born, which was from a place somewhere even more depressing than Mets fandom.