A Guy Won A Range Rover In A Contest And Responded With The Excitement Of Someone Whose Family Was Taken Hostage

When you win an awesome new car and/or find out that the cancer has spread:

I want to feel bad for this guy because I too have issues expressing excitement. If you’re not an excitable person, people think you’re not enthusiastic about whatever they’re talking about with you. And if you pretend to be more excited than you are, you come off as phony at best or crazy at worst. But I would say getting a brand new $85,000 car might get a smile out of me or at the very least more than some British Boomhauer sputtering about “Yeh great yeh yeah yeh.” A new car, $10K in the back in a classic metal briefcase, I mean at least muster up an unenthusiastic fist pump when you’ve now got the majority of the pieces in place to ditch your family and start a new life somewhere. No judgment if you’re not doing cartwheels but give em something to work with.

That said, I admire the spin zone from the host the second he realized he had a prize dud in his hands. From the guy acting like he assumed he would win the prize at some point to being completely nonplussed by adding $100k in value to his life without doing anything, the host threw every excuse out there. “Many other winners feel the same!” “He must be in shock!” That’s a real professional prize hosting job there when you’re wasting hilarious amounts of money trying to wring a smile out of a walking corpse for a video.