The Yankees Can Cut the Shit with Stealing the Patriots Slogans


Greatest sports dynasty, my ass. Being a dynasty is more than just about counting trophies. It’s also about establishing an identity. It’s about impacting the culture. The language. Genghis Khan didn’t conquer the lands all the way from China to Eastern Europe just so he could sit around picking his nose and stealing the Steppe people’s catchphrases. He established trade routes. Introduced silk to the West. Got thousands of women pregnant with his babies. That’s how a dynasty is supposed to roll.

But not the Yankees. Like the Dallas Cowboys before them, they’re  just another once-proud dynasty with so little dignity left they’re blatantly stealing the Patriots  slogans. I might add, in direct violation of copyright laws.

I mean, what’s next? Where does it end? Because the Patriots have plenty of catch phrases left to steal. Are they going to put “No! Days! Off!” over Monument Park? “Unequivocally the Sweetest” behind home plate? Mow “Roger That” into the outfield grass? Is Joe Girardi naming his boat VII Rings?  Write “Pink Stripes” on the white board? Put “Go fuck yourself, Tom Jackson” up on the scoreboard? They might as well. Apparently since we don’t have an FBI director any more, failing former dynasties are just free to infringe on real dynasty’s intellectual property now and pirate it to their heart’s content.

But the Pats will keep cranking out the championships and the signature phrases because that’s how true greatness affects the cultures it dominates, and everyone else can keep stealing them. Sad!