New York Yankees Baseball: Week Six (Falling Back To Earth)

Last WeeK (5-1)
Division foe Toronto came to town and left with two losses to their name. After a foggy Monday with the offense, the bats came through huge to take the home series against the Jays. A weekend trip to the Windy City set up the Yanks with a marquee matchup against the defending champs. With two nationally televised games showcasing the best of baseball, the Yanks swept Chicago and kept the first place train going.

As the first place Yanks entered week six of the baseball season New York went to Sky Line Chili Central for a short two game series against the Reds. After the quick road trip, the Bombers headed home for a four game set against the cream of the crop in the AL, the Houston Astros. All of this concluded with Jeter week on Sunday Night Baseball. It was an eventful and emotional week to say the least, so let’s see dive in and see what happened…

Jeter Night

Sunday was a day for many. For Yankee fans it was a day to look back at the greatness of #2 and reminisce on all the great memories he gave us. For others, specifically the Clancy brothers, it was a day to come off the top rope with their Jeter is overrated takes. I tried not to get triggered, but those Clancy brothers are good at what they do. Anyways, with the rain out on Saturday that meant a day night double header, split in half with the Jeter ceremony (no complaints from this guy). To kick off game one, Luis Severino mailed it in. The young stud came up with a gigantic dumpster fire of a start, needing 77 pitches just to get seven outs. His location was the worst it’s been all year, walking guys left and right or leaving balls right over the middle of the plate. Newly recalled long reliever/former starter Chad Green was called upon to get out of a major jam. Coming into the third with the bases loaded and one out, Green got Alex Bregman to ground into a humongous inning ending double play. Green went on to pitch through the 6th inning, only surrendering one hit in the outing. He was absolutely gigantic in keeping the Astros at only three runs, when it easily could have been six or seven quickly. The 2017 MVP of the New York Yankees thus far, Starlin Castro, knotted things at three in the fourth inning, bringing life back to the sleeping Yankees crowd.

Following suit right after was the Judge, to bring order in the court.

Adam Warren coughed up the lead in a rare blip on the radar on his stellar season. Afterwards though, it was an offensive onslaught. The seventh inning was a massacre for Astros relievers as New York put up a six spot. Starlin Castro, Matt Holliday, Chase Headley, and even CHRIS CARTER got in on the fun. When it was all said and done, the Yanks won 11-6. Now why did I just go so in depth (not really though) on a random game on Sunday? Well, because that was just about the only bright spot for the entire week. It was a week of mediocre pitching and quiet bats for the most part. The nightcap of Jeter Night resulted in Masahiro Tanaka absolutely laying an egg right in Jeter’s face. A six spot in the first, capped off by an Alex Bregman grand slam, put New York in a hole even they couldn’t climb out of.


The Actual Jeter Ceremony

Yeah I cried, I’ll admit it. I think it’s just the Sinatra song “My Way” that gets me now. I cry every time they play it because I associate it with Jeter. When Derek came out on the golf cart with his smoke of a wife Hannah Jeter it started to get a little dusty in House Hubbs. All of the legends, minus Clemens and AROD, were in attendance, but none more important than the O.G. Hideki Matsui.


I’m pretty convinced Matsui was 40 when he came to America and is like 55 now. Dude looks absolutely the same and could definitely give us some value at DH if he wanted to. I think I’ve been to at least three Matsui walk offs in my life, and no one in recent memory, besides Jeter, captivates the Yankee crowd like this man did (tad of a stretch).

The Starting Pitching Fell Back To Earth

Tanaka turned in one of the worst starts of his career Sunday, but didn’t nearly have his best stuff on Monday in Cincinnati either. He labored in that one, surrendering 10 hits, but managed to limit the damage to just four runs over seven frames. Tuesday night CC Sabathia was horrible once again and it might be time to start looking elsewhere sine this is now the fourth straight start where he’s given up four runs or more. Whatever he had going for himself to start the year has faded quickly, and the hot seat is pretty fucking hot right now for Carsten Charles. Severino was awful on Sunday as well and it’s starting to become a pattern with him lately of a great start followed up by a shit storm. He’s probably the least I’m worried about out of those that are struggling at the moment. Montgomery didn’t have this best stuff either on Friday night, but he battled, limiting the damage for the most part. Monty fell victim to non-existent run support, losing 5-1.

Is Michael Pineda The Yankees Most Consistent Starter?

I was trembling writing that headline. TREMBLING. But am I wrong? After Thursday night’s start, that now makes it SIX consecutive very good starts for Big Mike. He’s locating very well, and when that happens everything else falls into place. It’s mid-May and his ERA sits at a cool 3.27. I think Big Mike is the current Yankees ace? Someone talk me down please.

Gary Hit A Ball Into Outer Orbit

Gary it’s good to have you back in my life.

Thursday Night’s Almost Heroics 

As the Yanks staged another ninth inning comeback against the Astros, Gary stepped to the dish with the tying runs in scoring position. He delivered in typical Gary fashion with a screaming line drive through the left side of the infield. Ellsbury had reached third base by the time Jake Marisnick got to the ball. I 100% agree with the call to send Jacobo there, and it took a perfect throw to end the game. Marisnick delivered and it was demoralizing.

Chapman to the DL

We all saw this coming after Joe Madden pitched Aroldy two innings every single night in the playoffs last year. His arm was bound to fall off at some point, and we have reached that moment unfortunately. Right now they’re calling it left shoulder inflammation, but let’s pray that’s all it is. He’ll be shutdown for what looks like two weeks and then get started with a throwing program. With how cautious the Yankees are with these types of injuries, I’d say we don’t see Chapman until around mid-June. What’s good news is that the pen has and will continue to be this team’s strength, which will make Chapman’s absence less damaging. Of course, throwing Betances in the ninth hasn’t worked out in the past, but hopefully this motivates him to thrive in the roll. Maybe Randy Levine will take another jab and light a fire under the big guy. Probably not the best route.


Chase Headley Error of the Week

Our boy Chase had a little bit of an argument with the umpire Friday night. Enjoy.

He also committed another error on Tuesday night but there’s no video of this horrific act online. Please send me all Chase Headley errors as they happen to @ehubbs13 and they’ll get posted in here.

What To Do About CC?

It’s becoming obvious AGAIN that CC Sabathia is not a big league pitcher anymore. As I said before, his last four starts have been abysmal and he continues to put this offense in giant holes to dig out of. Now in AAA, Chance Adams awaits. After tearing through his first six stats in AA (4-0 1.03 ERA), the Yankees have rewarded Adams with an early season promotion. Dubbed as one of their best young arms in the system, Adams is on a fast track for the majors if CC continues to struggle. I’ll come out with a breakdown of Adams later in the week as we all get fully introduced to a future stud in the rotation. Also, you have to love the name Chance Adams. That dude is going to win a CY Young one day.

How Many Times Did Chris Carter Strikeout This Week?

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 12.15.46 PM

In 14 plate appearances this week Chris Carter struck out 8 times. EIGHT. He did, however, rip an RBI double yesterday in the day game so I think it’s time to release Greg Bird.

Looking Ahead: Road Trip

The Yanks pack their bags for a week long road trip which will start in Kansas City tomorrow night and conclude in Tampa over the weekend. Wednesday night our “ace” Big Mike goes up against one of the bigger surprises in all of baseball Jason Vargas. At the age of 34 with a career ERA of 4.07, the veteran southpaw is 5-1 with a 1.01 ERA in seven starts….hmmmmm. The Royals have struggled for the most part this year, but come into the series winners of their last four (including a sweep of the O’s). I’d love to go 4-2 this week and get things back on track. It’s funny I’m saying get back on track, meanwhile the Yanks are in first place and are tied for the best run differential in baseball with the Nats and Dodgers. All is fine.

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