Michael Jackson's Legacy Lives On With His Daughter Paris Dumping Em Out On Instagram In The Name Of Self-Love Or Some Shit

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And here’s a more NSFW one from her Instagram story:


Now yes normally I would take a chick rambling for 1000 words about the beauty of nudity and how it’s not sexual and ultimately she just wants to roll around in the soil like a pig in the nude to express her feminism with a full onslaught of eyeroll emojis. But this is Michael Jackson’s daughter. She’s 19 years old now, had arguably one of the weirdest experiences growing up than a person could have with her father’s legacy and colorful way he was bringing her up. I mean assuming we’re using the normal multiplier effect of “Crazy parent X somehow raising a child = Crazy adult^3″ there is no reason that Paris Jackson is even alive, let alone expressing some hippie feminist bullshit on Instagram through the powerful message of her half-naked body. Overall I would say an essay length post about feeling closer to Earth and womanhood with the power of her tits is a MASSIVE upgrade on the more likely outcomes of being Michael Jackson’s kid. Even ignoring the nudity part at least she’s thinking and not pilling away the pain in a cavernous mansion somewhere. That’s way ahead of her more likely outcomes.

Also I know she specifically requested not to sexualize her post and while normally I listen to the wishes of the children of pop stars who tragically wasted their talent amidst an abusive upbringing, drug addiction, and mental issues, I’ve got ask: Paris Jackson, hot or not? I feel like if she’s a normal chick she’s “I live deep in Brooklyn” hot at best but I feel like if she put her mind to it, she’s got something working here:


I’m sticking with my Brooklyn Hot assessment with noting she gets two extra points for the off chance you hook up with her and “The Way You Make Me Feel” comes on the Spotify radio station. Or “Smooth Criminal”. Not traditional sex music normally but hey when in Rome Paris.