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Immaculate Innings Are Underrated As One Of The Coolest Things In Sports

We snooze on immaculate innings. Maybe cause they don’t happen very often, but also maybe cause I’m a sucker for strikeout pitchers, but when we get an immaculate inning I can’t stop watching it, over and over. And Max Scherzer dealt one yesterday, putting down 3 Phillies in 9 pitches, helping the Nats to their 24th win of the year.

And the best was Scherzer pitched this immaculate inning 1 inning after a line drive basically decapitated his leg from his body.

LeBron woulda missed the rest of…wait wrong sport. But Scherzer honestly looked like he was donezo for the game, but all he did was get back up and become stronger than ever, like some sort of super human. Absolutely love that guy.

And shout out Matt Albers, recording his 2nd career save. Best relief pitcher in baseball.

PS: Bryce had himself a fun little series packing the box score, going 6/12 with 2 HRs, including a walk off on Saturday.