The Weekend Greenie Bag - How Should We Evaluate This Celtics Season?


How is everybody feeling? Any better? No? You either huh? That’s OK because while we all go insane waiting for tomorrow night, I pushed this weekend’s Greenie Bag a day to help break up the monotony of staring at the clock. Anything to help kill time can only be a good thing. I don’t want you to get in trouble with your family for staring at your phone/computer instead of celebrating Mother’s Day, so let’s get right to it. Just know that you can always reach me for this blog with #greeniebag or

Your questions!

First off Robot Dave, don’t fuck with injury karma like that. You never know when the Basketball Gods are watching and this is not something I have an interest in tempting them about. So I have to disagree, I hope Lebron does not get hurt.

Second, let’s maybe you know, make the ECF before we declare the Celtics winners.

Paul you make a great point here. In fact, it reminds me of a major internet hit

Here’s the thing with Ty Lue, he says outrageous shit all the damn time. Remember, this is the guy that said coaching the Cavs was the hardest job IN THE ENTIRE NBA. So when he came out and said that the Cavs/GS rivalry is sort of like the BOS/LAL rivalry, this was just par for the course. Even if you ignore the history between LA/BOS, fact of the matter is those teams included around 5 of the 10 best players OF ALL TIME so yes while GS/CLE are the two best teams that will probably face each other for just the THIRD time, I chalk this up to just TLue being TLue and saying bizzare things.


Cheers from Cube Land!

Great writing as per usual. Watching the Celtics this year and now watching them perform in the playoffs I can’t help to think to myself this whole playoff run is gravy on the potato because next season the Celtics are going to win the NBA Championship. It’s become an automatic thought of mine. Just curious if you’re in the same boat at all

Just Imagine.

Isaiah Thomas

Markielle Fultz

Gordon Hayward/ Top free agent

Al Horford


Best bench in the NBA

Thanks! -Chris

Chris, before we get to your question, I’m going to need you to hit me up on Twitter and give me some of that strong ass Kool Aid. I thought mine was strong, it turns my pee green for a week at a time, but holy shit man this is impressive.

Are the Boston Celtics going to win an NBA title 12 months from now with that roster? I dunno man. I’m not sure I’m ready to say this is an automatic thought that has crossed my mind. Will that team compete for a spot in the ECF? Absofuckinglutely. But let’s not forget this

Warriors group is going to be together for not only next season, but multiple seasons after that. I think it’s silly to think that in the immediate future any team is going to win a title outside of CLE/GS and really who knows if CLE can even hang with this Warriors team. I love the enthusiasm, but maybe take a few less sips.


I do agree that since the Celtics finally got out of the first round and have a competitive series in RD2, that this playoffs has been gravy. If they are fortunate to make the ECF on Monday the season is without a doubt a success, even if the hardos who scream “WE ONLY CARE ABOUT BANNERS” doesn’t want to admit it.



Big fan, love the blogs, keep it going.

I’m a season ticket holder, and all season I pretty much felt that if they went 6-7 games into the second round, I’d be happy with the season considering the picks and their space for a max contract this offseason.

Watching this series, and particularly last night, my perspective has changed a bit. After last night, if they don’t win in 7 I’m going to consider it a disappointment. They were right there, up 5 with the ball and about to seal the game. Their play down the stretch was awful. This one leaves a real bitter taste in my mouth.

Is this unfair? – Mathew

Mathew this is the camp I’m in as well. Is the season a failure if they lose Game 7 tomorrow? Not to me. Think of everything that we put as goals for this team when the season first started. We wanted to see them move up the standings, get home court in the playoffs, and win a round. Best case was an ECF appearance. Isn’t that exactly what happened?

When looking at this current series, I’m with you. It didn’t bother me to see the Celts go from 2-0 to 2-2, but it sure as shit bothered me how they handled those last 90 seconds. This series was over, it was a wrap, and in a blink of an eye everything changed. If they go on to lose this series because of how they handed the end of Game 6, you can’t help but be disappointed. You could argue that WSH basically did the same thing in Game 2, but I feel like Game 6 was much, much worse. Going from being 7.5 seconds away from an ECF appearance to fighting for your life in an unpredictable Game 7 is certainly not ideal.



Love the Celtics blogs, keep doing your thing. 

I hate to be the guy already thinking towards the offseason, especially after a devastating Game 6 loss and the most important game of the season right around the corner. That being said, what are your thought on Gordon Hayward hitting free agency? Will Hayward want to come back and play for his college coach? And, assuming Hayward chooses to come to Boston, what could be expected from the 1st time All-Star? – Riley

Riley I think it’s still too early to tell what Hayward might do. If he qualifies for the super max, I find it very hard to believe that he’ll turn that down to come play for Brad. Also let’s not forget, Utah is a good young team as well with a good young coach, and there isn’t a long history of elite players leaving the West just to avoid the Warriors.

I will say this though. Remember Hayward did sign an offer sheet years ago to leave Utah, so who knows how he really feels. If he does end up in Boston, it’s hard to think he wouldn’t continue his rise as one of the better SFs in the NBA. The style the Celtics play fits his game pretty well, and it would give the Celtics that consistent offensive threat to pair with Isaiah that this team shows at times it clearly needs. Is he going to turn into some amazing 30 point scorer? No, but when you consider at the moment he’s only getting around 15.8 FGA a game and still is a 20 ppg scorer as Utah’s #1 option, why couldn’t that be replicated in Brad’s pace and space offense? I think it can. Call me crazy, but I think this helps




Game 6 was in the bag.  Missed shots all night.  IT made a (rare) mistake that could end up being the entire season.  Can’t help but think about the Suns game that ended is similar fashion.  That was the most crushing loss I’ve witnessed since the Big 3 era.  Absolutely devastating.

I disagree with everyone saying how hard the Wizards played.  No, no they didn’t.  They were GIVING the game away the first half then realized Boston wasn’t taking advantage.

All I’ve wanted all season is to make the ECF.  Doesn’t even have to be competitive.  But MAKE it.  Am I wrong in thinking losing game 7 (especially) after how 6 ended, puts a major damper on the C’s season?  Pretty much negates the 1 seed and everything the team has worked towards.

Thanks – Ryan

Ryan I have to disagree. As I just said, it would be a disappointing end to the season, but it would not be a major damper on the year and here’s why. I think we all heard the takes that this Celtics team was a fraud #1. We’ve debated that in this blog before so I won’t go down that road again. For the sake of argument let’s say that’s the case. If they aren’t a true #1 seed, then why should not making an ECF mean the year was a failure? Win or lose Monday night it does not change the entire narrative of the season. It may not be the ending we all hoped for, but this wouldn’t be like if the Warriors didn’t make the Finals or anything like that.

The frustrating part is like you said, Game 6 wasn’t a case of the Wizards outplaying the Celtics, it was more the Celtics inability to capitalize on all their chances. If they handle those last few possessions any differently, we aren’t talking about the season being a failure so I think it’s important to remember that. My stance has always been that I consider this season a success as long as they advance a round and don’t lose in Rd2 in under 5 games. They did both, so while I’m with you in that I really want to see this team in an ECF despite what the result might be, Monday doesn’t change my stance one way or the other.

We now shift gears to this week’s Greenie Awards!


This week’s MVP: Al Horford

Who was the best player for the Celtics over the last week? Al Horford. Who has been arguably their best and most consistent player all playoffs? Al Horford. Until that changes, he will not be bumped from this spot.

Play of The Week: Isaiah Thomas

All for nothing, but what a goddamn shot

This week’s LVP: Jonas Jerebko

Did you know Jonas has just 12 minutes of action this entire series? He may have his limitations, but wouldn’t we all feel a little better if HE was the one guarding Bradley Beal at the end of Game 6 instead of Olynyk? Rough times right now for the Swedish Larry Bird.

This week’s Most Improved Player: Avery Bradley

Turning around his poor start to the series to then having back to back beautiful offensive performances, I feel confident that no player on the roster has improved over the last week more than Avery. His lift his better, his aggression is what you want at this stage of the season, and he is showing up in quarters 1-4. We need Avery Bradley tomorrow night maybe more than any other player on the roster.

And that’ll do it for this week’s edition of the Weekend Greenie Bag. Only about 29 hours left until tip. May God give us all strength.