NBD, Just Some Casual Broken Ribs By #SoxMafia On A Casual Saturday Afternoon

Well this is just about the most awesome video I’ve ever seen.  What happens when you get a bunch of wasted South Side idiots together in a parking lot together in a year where winning and losing baseball games couldn’t matter less?  A bunch of broken ribs and plastic tables I guess.   This is something that needs to continue to happen and as the self-annointed emperor of White Sox fans, I will see that it does.  #SoxMafia is real and it’s taking over Chicago, and all ya need to do to be a member get shithammered in the G Spot’s parking lot, smash through plastic tables, and wear Bo Jackson jerseys with wife beaters underneath

PS – the Bills Mafia can fuck right off.  Those pussies couldn’t hold a candle to what’s consecrating on the South Side right now.