Snoop Dogg's Sign Language Interpreter At Jazzfest Put On A Hell Of A Performance

Me when I’m tryna holla at some deaf bitches and let them know what I’m all about:

But honestly this is such a perfect Friday video. A sign language interpreter chick gleefully waving her lunch lady arms about, just getting after it like only a Snoop Dogg performance at Jazzfest in New Orleans could make you move. And you can tell she loves this kind of translation way more than any other boring ass work she probably has to do. “Ohhh yeah you can’t hear, let me help you understand what’s going on” blah blah that’s all well and good. But this woman has a performer’s soul. Normally she wouldn’t get the chance to belt out the hits of early 2000s hip hop and now, thanks to this situation, she can and clearly she’s getting after it with gusto.

Find something you can be as passionate about as this sign language interpreter is vibing to Snoop Dogg, that should be all of our career goals. That and to be as high as she probably is here. Both of those.