The Transgender with a Bionic Penis Loses His Virginity and Goes "All Night"

Bionic Penis

MirrorA man fitted with a bionic penis has spoken of the moment he finally lost his virginity four years after the operation.

Transgender Lee Carter finally had sex with a woman – as a man – for the first time in a hotel last month.

The 49- year- old spent 40 years trapped in the wrong body and said sex with his £60,000 male body was “incredible”.

His penis was built using skin from him arm and features a pump inside a silicone testicle to make him erect.

He said: “I waited a long time, but it was worth it. It was incredible and we both enjoyed it so much we didn’t stop all night.

“And then we started again in the morning.”

Lee had previously claimed that having lived as a woman called Lisa for most of his life would make him a good lover, and his now partner Leanne agrees.

Spoken like a true former woman, there Lee. Operating under the mistaken impression that hetero sex is all about lasting all night, pleasing the woman, and then getting right back up on the horse the second your eyes open in the morning. It sounds like someone spent 40 years trapped in a body that read way too much Cosmo and watched too many Sex and the Citys.

I mean, good for you. By my math you spent 86,000-and-change US dollars for a bionic penis and you want to get the most return for your investment. And that’s great. More power to you. But let’s get real, guy-to-guy. Soon enough the novelty of spending hours taking Leanne to Pleasure Town will wear off. You’re 49. Guys your age don’t care about marathons. They just want to take care of business in a timely fashion and then move onto watching YouTubes or checking movie reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. As Kramer put it when he admitted he’s faked orgasms, “Sometimes enough is enough, and I just wanna get some sleep.”

So enjoy it while it lasts. It won’t be long now when you’ll quit wanting to be a hero. When the new penis smell wears off, you’ll get tired of pumping the ol’ silicone testicle and you’ll learn first hand the subtle yet satisfying pleasures of the selfish quickie. In the meantime, get that investment to pay off.