TJ Oshie Makes It Clear He Wants To Stay In Washington

I’m not sure a fan base has fallen in love with a player after only a couple seasons quite we have with Oshie. The way he has embraced DC as his home and the Caps as his team has not gone unnoticed by anyone. Some guys come here and are invisible and then disappear forever, Oshie has made such an impact both on and off the ice that there’s no question everyone wants him back. With so much uncertainty surrounding the team, the “will they blow up the core” situation looming, one guy everyone would love to see back in the red, white, and blue is Osh. And good news, his agent is already in contact with MacLellan

We shall see what happens, but it’s good to see the feeling is mutual between the Caps and Oshie, and hopefully they can work something out because everyone wants to see the American Hero in DC for years to come.