Heroic Railway Worker Baaaarely Prevents Woman From Jumping In Front Of A Train In China

Nothing like giving the body a shot of adrenaline to start a Friday morning, huh? Jesus Christ. I guess life in China isn’t all beer and Fantas after all. The guy in that video deserves a raise. Do they even give raises in communist countries? Well if not, he deserves a medal. Then again, do they give medals in communist countries? Regardless, he deserves something. Yeah for saving a life and all that stuff. But also because of how that chick could have completely fucked up the commute. Even a ruthless place like China probably has to shut down the system to clean up a body and do at least a tad bit on investigating. But this hero somehow used fast twitch muscles that would give any NFL scout a boner to wake up from daydreaming on the platform to saving this chick’s life and everyone else’s commute. Bravo sir. If you are reading this blog, please contact me and I will have our Chinese correspondent Donnie take you to the finest Italian meal in all of China.