Two Parents Went To The Fast Food Place Their Daughter Works At To Put Some Fear Of God In A Kid Who Threatened Her

According to Mediatakeout, the daughter in question who was being messed with is a teenager. And if that’s the case, as a parent you probably have to step in like this if she can’t resolve it herself and fast. With bullying being what it is with kids today, you honestly don’t even know what a threat at work or school might end up being or how it could affect your daughter. Worst case scenario it could end up like a situation in one of the other fight videos we’ve posted here with people getting their head stomped in. You’ve gotta get in there and step in before shit goes off the rails on either side. So while normally I’d say maybe you need to let a kid figure it out, I wouldn’t judge this approach at all. They got results and their kid who seems mostly innocent from this exchange can go to work without worrying about some other dude being a shithead. That works.

And honestly what I liked about the parents is how apologetic they were. The mom was freaking out but mostly kept her cool by concerned black mom standards and even apologized for cursing. And the dad was there, looking subtly threatening with that 1995 OG sweat suit he was rocking. He sat back with that quiet “Boy I will whoop your ass if I need to” confidence to the point where he didn’t even have to say a word and that kid knew he better watch his mouth around the daughter every moment moving forward. Hell he might need to start opening doors and taking extra shifts for her just to be safe. From the 2 seconds of him talking, it seemed clear to me that is a dad who will put a gun in your mouth and threaten you while simultaneously making it some sort of homoerotic prison threat shit. Not a dude to cross, go back and put the fries in the crisper, be a better person. The days of bullying are done.