I Respect The Hell Out Of This Ballplayer For Going Straight From Second To Home. Like, Literally. He Missed 3rd And Cut Through The Infield.

A blatantly absurd move on the diamond, and I respect the hell out of it. Why? Well, someone on Twitter said it best, it’s a diabolically intelligent way of attempting to cheat the High School baseball system. There are two umps for every game at that level. With runners at 2nd and 3rd, there is a blue behind the plate and one positioned at 2nd. When a double suicide squeeze is called, the ump at 2nd is looking at the play at first and the ump at home is looking at the plate. So who’s looking at third? Exactly. And unless these umps have the peripheral vision of a Riggs, that’s a tough thing to see. Hey, if you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t trying. They didn’t instantly call him out for running out of the basepaths, so they obviously did miss what happened. Or maybe they saw him rounding the mound on the way to home they were too dumbfounded to make a call. Or maybe they’re beyond incompetent and some father is ready to POP. Nothing gets a Dad living through their kid on the field more fired up than part-time officials ruining their lives. Nothing.

Assuming this appeal to third was upheld, this still isn’t the worst mistake by an ump on the diamond. It’s bad, but it’s not even close. God bless the ignorance on this blue.