Charles Barkley Says The Stanley Cup Playoffs Are The Best Thing In Sports. Who Am I To Disagree?

Chucky Barkley played 16 seasons in the NBA. He’s on TNT every night for Inside The NBA. The man’s life solely revolves around basketball. Yet you just heard it right there from Sir Charles’ mouth. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are the best thing in sports. The man’s job is to discuss the NBA and yet he can’t get his eyes off the Stanley Cup Playoffs. He knows he doesn’t need to watch the NBA playoffs until it’s the Warriors vs the Cavs in the Finals. He knows he probably didn’t even need to watch the entire regular season since it was just going to be the Warriors vs the Cavs in the Finals for the 3rd time in a row. 3 straight years where nobody else even has a chance. LeBron has been to every Finals since 2011. It’s an incredible feat, sure. But the fact remains that one person can carry an entire team to the Finals. That’s not the case in hockey. Anybody can beat anybody on any given night. And Charles Barkley recognizes that and appreciates that. Who am I to disagree with Sir Charles?

And the fact that Charles Barkley’s favorite hockey player of all time is Ron Hextall tells me that he’s a true fan of the game. He’s not some dork who just came along after the lockout. While Hockey Twitter is constantly crying to get the violence out of the game, Chuck just loves himself some Olde Time Hockey. Eddie Shore. And that’s the kind of guy I’d love to watch a game with. You know that in another life, Charles Barkley would have been a great enforcer.

P.S. – It’s Friday. Enjoy some Ron Hextall highlights.