Jeurys Familia Diagnosed With An Artery Clot In His Right Shoulder, To Get More Tests Done

RAY RAMIREZ FROM THE CLOUDS!!! Is a clot in your throwing shoulder bad? Because it seems bad. That’s how you know Ray is the best at his craft. Pulling a scary injury like this on us out of the blue. Yeah Jeurys blew a save yesterday, but if Wilmer turns that double play, it’s a win for the Mets and a save for Familia. And I don’t want to hear this nonsense about Jeurys sucking and this not hurting the Mets. Yeah he’s a roller coaster ride and drives me wild. But he did convert 51 saves last year. And if he is out for a while, it bumps everyone down in the bullpen. That’s how the setup man goes from everyone’s favorite player to one of the most criticized guys on the team. Now Addison Reed goes to closer, 7th inning guys go to the 8th, and Hansel Robles goes from crazy motherfucker pitching early in games to crazy motherfucker pitching in high leveraged situations late in games.

Just the latest example of the Mets being cursed. I am convinced that during the 9th inning of Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, millions of Mets fans prayed to God and said they would never ask for anything ever again if the Mets pulled out that game. Next thing you know a few hits and a Buckner error later followed by Game 7 and the Mets became World Series champions. Now all those fans have used up all of their juju with God and the rest of us endure these brutal lumps year after year.

Yeah, you could say I’m kind of superstitious and have been thinking wayyyy too much about this stuff. I believe in the Rally Dildo. I believe in the Rally Dildo. I believe in the Rally Dildo. Hell I’m blogging next to a fake Rally Dildo.