Good Guy, Patrick Kane, Gives Up His First Class Seat For A Soldier

This story is making the round today, and it deserves attention. There is NO better feeling than getting that upgrade to first class. You instantly stand taller. The leg room, the free drinks, the wider seats, not waiting in line, no fighting for arm rests or overhead space. Your own bathroom that only the other rich people can use while the slobs(that you’re instantly no longer apart of) in the back of the plane piss all over the seat. I never sit with my legs crossed, but almost as a reflex I’ll sit with my foot resting on my knee as the other passengers board and look all miserable, tired, and sweaty lugging their bags back to their seat in the butt of the plane.. It’s happened to me twice in my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Patrick Kane gave up all of that to just be a good guy. He acted out the Louis CK fantasy from his stand-up. Serious karma points for Kane.