Kirk Cousins Uses An Old High School Math Quiz To Keep Himself Motivated

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 2.06.41 PM

There are many “most Kirk Cousins moves of all time”, and this one is near the top. Of course Kirk uses an old high school math quiz for motivation 12 years later. We already learned that he keeps a color-coded spreadsheet of what he needs to be doing in 15 minute increments, 24/7, and part of the reason is because he got a C+ on a random high school math quiz. It’s just so perfect.

But more importantly, how is that a 39/50? It looks like he showed his work, which everyone knows basically guaranteed you a B on any math test. It looks like he got a few answers wrong, but not many. If he can do that well on a quiz without preparation, he’s doing pretty well for himself. If he continued being “high school math quiz Kirk”, he still would have had a Matt Flynn-esque career. But thank goodness for his Integrated Math III quiz, because now he’s raking in top 5 QB and will be signing for 100 mil+ somewhere next season.