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Phillies Extend Manager Pete Mackanin Through 2018 And I Somehow Don't Hate It

Tbyrd will go in detail on this later, but I really don’t hate this move, even there there is no exact reason to love it. Sure, Mackanin has a very lackluster 121-161 record during his time in Philly. Some of his in-game decisions, which includes taking out starting pitchers that are straight DEALING after 75 pitches to have the shit bullpen give up the game, are extremely questionable. But let’s be realistic here. The Phillies aren’t sniffing the taint of the playoffs this year. Maybe, by the grace of God, they compete for the 2nd Wildcard spot in 2018. Mackanin was most likely a stop-gap move for a few seasons while some of these young bucks develop, anyways, and there’s no real reason to get rid of Pete Mackanin at this point.

Remember the man even dominated the managerial ranks of the Venezuelan league for a couple seasons in which he became fluent in Espanol – A trait very much overlooked. You can give credit to Odubel Herrera and Caesar Hernandez playing better than they should because of Mackanin. He also was the bench coach during some of the Phillies glory hole run from ’09-’12, so he has been around winning before. Pete obviously knows the game and the players love him. After a really hot start last season his results have been lukewarm, but minus a miracle straight out of Major League or Rookie Of The Year, the Phillies aren’t going to be raising any banners any time soon. What do they have to lose? Give the man a chance to bring a Cinderella Story home ’till ’18 (with an option for ’19). And by that I mean once they get a good enough roster to dance in October again we need to bring in a Joe Maddon type to bring it home. It may night be morally right, but it is what it is.