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The Redskins Coaching Search is Underway


Just a quick update on the Redskins because I have no idea how to feel. I think maybe I just won’t be happy with this team for a long time. I am so beaten down by their incompetence, even the positives come out looking like negatives. There aren’t any current rumors of interviewing insanely bad candidates, which makes me feel good, but then I remember they also hired Jim Zorn once and haven’t changed the front office for this coaching search, so who knows.

So far, this is what we do know:

They interviewed the Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. Kind of weird considering the Hawks offense wasn’t even that great, but I guess they like what he’s done with Russell Wilson with his QB rating of 101.2. Seems like if you go to Seattle, you give their D-coordinator an interview as well, but maybe that’s just me.

They are going to interview the Panthers’ D-coordinator Sean McDermott this weekend. The Panthers have the second ranked defense in the league, and McDermott was the Eagles former defensive coordinator. Lots of people seem to think he will be a good head coach. But the question about him is do you want a defense-oriented guy when you need to continue developing RG3?

They are requesting permission to interview the Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell. Another defensive guy who knows the NFC East. Kind of under the radar, but an interesting choice.

And the least attractive pick so far, Ravens OC Jim Caldwell. No thanks. Just doesn’t do it for me.

This doesn’t include all the college coaches and however many other coordinators Snyder will fly in. If there are two things for certain, it’s that Redskins fans do not want another re-tread coach like Gruden or Cowher. We’ve had it with the big names who have already proven themselves. Overpaid and under-motivated, while constantly craving TV attention is not what we want. We want the best and right coach, not the biggest name for the most publicity. And 2), we don’t want Art Briles. At least I don’t. Allowing the quarterback to handpick the coach might be the kiss of death for the locker room. No thank you. Plus he lost to UCF. Woof.