I'm Willing To Admit That The Rapid Rise In Avocado Hand Injuries Isn't A Great Look For My Generation

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The Independent- Due to the soaring popularity of avo, more and more people are accidentally cutting their hands when slicing open the fruit and endeavouring to remove the stone. According to surgeons, A&E departments have seen increasing numbers of people with the injury. “Recently the health benefits of avocado have been advocated, with an increase in their popularity – and a consequent increase in related injuries,” David Shewring, vice-president of the British Society for Surgery of the Hand, told The Times. And the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons is now calling for safety labels on the fruit, advising people on how to cut them safely. “Avocado hand” injuries are much worse than just small cuts though, many people have caused themselves serious nerve and tendon injuries which require surgery and can leave you without full use of your hand.


That’s a tough look for us. Real tough. For the most part I think our generation gets a bad rap. Everybody shits on us constantly and calls us the worst generation to ever exist. Fuck those people. They act like if they had the technology we have today they wouldn’t be obsessed with them either. That’s bullshit. If anything, the generations that came before us were simpletons. They were entertained by things that weren’t the internet. You could give them a round ball and they’d be content for the whole day. That’s not admirable. That’s sad. With all that said, a rapid rise in hand inquires cause kids are slicing their palms open cause we love avocados so much is a tough look. Previous generations were getting wiped out by horrific diseases, plagues and world wars and we’re out here carving up our hands to make guacamole. Tough. Look. I’ll raise my hand and say that makes us look like a bunch if pussies. No excuses. Injuring ourselves while cutting up vegetables(?) is a point against us for sure.