Avalanche Defenseman Tyson Barrie Suffers Devastating Injury At World Championship. Oh Yeah, He Was Wrestling A Teammate

Colorado Avalanche v Dallas Stars

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I know a lot of people are going to be laughing at Tyson Barrie today but anybody who has ever gone away for any kind of tournament knows exactly how this shit happens. Doesn’t matter if it’s a hockey tournament, basketball tournament, whatever. When you go away for a tourney and you’re staying at a hotel with the boys, here’s a little list of what goes down.

  • You go to the computers in the lobby and leave porn up on the screen.
  • You fuck with all the furniture in the hallway. Probably put a few chairs in the elevators.
  • You fill the ice buckets up with water and tilt them up against somebody’s door. Then you knock on the door so when they open it up, they get flooded with water.
  • You figure out everybody’s room number and you prank call them from the hotel phones.
  • You steal snacks from every room. Whatever room has the SlimJim stash is going to get looted first.
  • You locker box or wrestle each other.

And that’s about it. If you didn’t have anybody getting hurt at the hotel when you went away for tournaments, that just meant that you had a lame ass team. If nobody left that hotel with a concussion from a locker box battle royale, your team was a bunch of fucking nerds who were probably in bed before curfew. The only issue here is that this is a team filled with a bunch of professional athletes. They’re a little bigger and stronger so shit can get out of hand easier. My guess is Nathan MacKinnon was trying to suplex Barrie onto the bed. But he overthrew him and Barrie’s leg went right into the corner of a table. I’m actually willing to guarantee that’s how it went down.

Anyway, it’s not exactly a great look for the #HockeyTough crowd that this injury is keeping him out of the Worlds. But like I said, we’ve all been there before. It’s dude stuff.