Wake Up With Jake Peavy Setting The Padres Record For Strikeouts In A Game With 16 (2006)

On Tuesday night, Max Scherzer had one of those bulldog/borderline psychopath moments on the mound against the Orioles, and it reminded me of Jake Peavy a little bit. Obviously not the current version of Jake Peavy, who currently is not property of any major league team. But it wasn’t that long ago that Peavy was the top dog in the National League, winning ERA titles, strikeout titles, and Cy Young awards just like Scherzer is now.

And what baseball fans love about those two guys is that you can just see how much they love to compete. Believe it or not, Peavy’s only 35 years old and isn’t on a major league mound because he’s been dealing with an investment scandal along with a divorce, but I hope we get to see one more run from him before he hangs up the spikes.