Lebron Is Now Selling Zero Dark 23 Sneakers Even Though Zero Dark 23 Is A Myth And He Dances Like A Jackass Every Single Day On Social Media


First of all you gotta love how Foot Locker screwed up the name of these shoes. It’s the Lebron Zero Dark 30-23’s not the Zero Dark 23’s. They probably just figured it was a misprint when Lebron told them what the name of the shoe was because nobody could be that stupid, but that’s neither here nor there.

Can I be serious for a minute? No more hyperbole or exaggeration. I think Lebron needs to be arrested for all this Zero Dark bullshit. I’m not even joking. You can’t just do what he’s doing. You can’t announce that you are going dark on social media and then just use shadow accounts like Bleacher Report and Uniterrupted WHICH HE IS AN OWNER OF and post more shit than you’ve ever posted before in your life. It’s unconscionable! This is exactly why that ISIS dude said he was worse than ISIS. In all my years of interneting I’ve never seen anything quite like this. Lebron making a huge stink about going dark on social media and then posting shit every single day while simultaneously selling sneakers commemorating himself going dark even though he didn’t. It’s fucking insanity. He’s mocking society. He’s rubbing our faces in it. When will this end? I honestly feel like I’m taking crazy pills here. How are we the only ones talking about this? This clown deserves to go to prison plain and simple.