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Now A Woman Claims That United Airlines Forced Her To Pee In A Cup During A Flight

Well I think United has officially entered the Tyson Zone where any story that comes out about them I will instantly believe, no matter how ridiculous it is. Actually I think we reached that point when the giant bunny was killed on a United flight while the Dr. Dao saga was still front page news. And if people want to bring up shit that can’t be prove, more power to them. I always love to see a corporation get treated like a piñata, even though the rambling Facebook messages is where I draw a line. But you know what? I’m gonna throw a proverbial life raft here and stand behind United. You have to have rules on an airplane or else people will just be treating the plane like a LIRR train on St. Patrick’s Day. When that seatbelt light is on, you have to obey it. If you say you have an overactive bladder and get up, then everyone is going to have an overactive bladder, taking their seatbelts off, dipping into overhead bins, not putting their tray table in upright position, and boom chaos has broken out 25,000 feet in the air. If someone has to pee but cannot go to the bathroom, you give them a cup or a bottle. It doesn’t matter if they are on a plane, train, or automobile (RIP John Candy). I’d say a straw may have helped this woman’s cause, but that’s coming from someone who knows very little about how the female anatomy actually works. But regardless, for this one case I am #TeamUnited.

Don’t get me wrong though, I will never fly United unless the only other option is Spirit. Or until all these controversies cause United’s prices to go so low that you can get a ticket from JFK to Hawaii for $100 that includes all the peanuts and handies you want.

P.S. Despite the overactive bladder and crazy Facebook rant….sup?