How About The Balls On This CBS Reporter Asking Putin About Comey Seconds Before He Takes The Ice To Score 10 Goals

Listen lady, no one respects journalism more than I do, but do you have a fucking death wish? First of all, asking Putin point blank about Trump feels dangerous, second of all, the guy is clearly getting ready to light the lamp against some professional hockey players. That was so fucking intense. Putin had that creepy “I could kill you before I even get my first hat trick” look, while Russian Dave Wannstedt slowly translates and this lady stands in the box taking 100 mph russian death eyes to the chin. You have to be absolutely insane to go up and ask Vladdy Daddy this shit. I would say I respect it but there’s no chance this lady is still alive so it was nothing but foolish.

Never forget the time Putin happened to score 7 goals on his birthday. Big time players make big time plays in big time games.