A Drone Flew Over A Bike Race And Caused A Nasty Crash For One Poor Cyclist

When you’re going high speeds and your head is perpendicular to the floor, you are fucked:

Meanwhile this dude is concerned but not quiiiite so concerned that the’s interested in slowing down and making sure the guy is alive:

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 12.31.47 PM

And I don’t blame him, when you’re doing an amateur race like this with a bunch of dudes dressed like they’re in the Tour de France, you’ve got no time to slow down and worry about others. It’s a competition, a serious competition for free between a bunch of guys with a very expensive hobby. No time for humanity there. None.

But for as little sympathy as I may feel for bicyclists both because of how they are so obnoxious and because they didn’t change their lives to chase more foot-based sports, I have to say that an amateur drone person who can’t avoid trees amidst a crowd of people is so much worse. This dude going full Christopher Reeve in terms of flight and possible paralysis was a minor casualty compared to what could have happened if that drone swiped across the group of people and caused a pile up. Broken bones, death, who knows? As tough as it is for me to put cyclists above anyone, amateur drone guys deserve whatever shit they get after this one. In fact they might only be above those Cinco de Mayo girls in my current “People I Don’t Like And Wouldn’t Mind Seeing Injured” Power Rankings.