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The Trip To DC For Game 7 Has Begun With #OurYear On The Line

#OurYear has been a fun internet joke (buy a shirt!), but it’s all too real right now. A last second DC trip with Mr. Commenter is on the way, and we are neck deep in Fireball and dreams of the Eastern Conference Finals. We couldn’t sit idly in New York while the squad was a quick Chernin-paid train ride down 95. We have to do everything in our power to help the Caps, which basically means get blacked out drunk and yelling obscenities at Sidney Crosby’s mush brain. So follow along on the Snap, Insta, Twitter, etc as we document either pure bliss or absolute agony, and probably a lot of both.

PS: Many people are saying Leroy looks like Crying Jordan. Not sure how to feel about it.