Another Day, Another Lion At The Circus Mauls Its Trainer In Front Of A Bunch Of Kids

France – Horrifying footage has emerged of a lion viciously attacking a circus tamer in front of an audience of screaming children. The predator, who is meant to be in a vast African savanna instead of a cage, can be seen pouncing on the trainer in Doullens, France. Parents rush their children away to safety and other staff members at the Buffalo Circus come to the rescue, spraying what looks like a fire extinguisher at the majestic big cat. The 30-year-old trainer stumbled to safety holding his throat and was seriously injured by the animal’s claws and fangs. According to La Voix Du Nord, the tamer was rushed to hospital by helicopter.

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Who would’ve thought this poor man’s circus, who picked up patio chairs from Loews as seating for the audience, could be ill-equipped to tame a wild, blood thirsty beast held against its will? Now I’m no expert in taming large felines. Hell, I can’t my mother’s dumb cat tries to claw me to death whenever I try to say hello (possibly for good reason). But maybe, just maybe, it shouldn’t take a solid 5+ seconds for lion to be extinguished once it bites someone’s throat. That seems like a solid 4.9 seconds too many. Pretty sure it’s a real bad sign the instant Muffasa goes for the jugular. Give him extra feeding time, and it’s game over. Oh, well. Live and learn. Or just the latter.

Don’t mess with the king of the jungle. Or just don’t be around them when you keep them in captivity for entertainment purposes. They’ll hunt for blood someway, somehow.