We Finally Have Our First Manny Ramirez Home Run Video From Japan

I’m not gonna sit here and pretend like I know anything about this league that Manny Ramirez is currently playing in over in Japan. But I will say that the competition probably isn’t that great if the only recorded video of your at-bats is via some HD camera in centerfield that you can buy off Amazon with no game broadcast. That doesn’t minimize how cool this is, though.

For all the shit that Manny got during his MLB days for not caring and being complacent, I would imagine that this stage of his baseball life would disprove those things. Those things were actually disproved long ago if you had just asked anybody who actually played with him, because the ways that Manny would show that he cared were all behind the scenes in his preparation work. In a way, I feel like he wanted people to think those things about him so so that his competitors would underestimate him.

Either that, or he just didn’t care what people thought about him, so he never went out of his way to prove how much he cared to appease the naysayers, which makes way more sense. But now? How can you tell me that a 44-year-old Manny Ramirez, who banked roughly $207 million in his MLB career, who’s now playing in Japan in front of a couple hundred people — how are you gonna tell me that guy doesn’t love the game of baseball? You can’t.

Also, love how the back of his jersey says “Manny”. I bet he went there and asked why Ichiro Suzuki has “Ichiro” on the back of his jersey in the MLB and not “Suzuki”, then asked if he could have Manny instead of Ramirez. Gotta embrace the culture.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 1.54.26 PM

More bonus footage here:

Still got that same, beautiful, perfect right-handed swing.

PS — For the folks mentioning the home run call about the “ex-girlfriend who will never return”, that was from 2013 when Manny played in Taiwan. No idea why that randomly went viral a week ago or whenever that was.