Adriana Lima and Julian Edelman Led To Matt Harvey's Suspension

Page Six- Mets pitcher Matt Harvey skipped Saturday’s game and got himself suspended after seeing pictures of his supermodel gal pal out partying with another man, sources told The Post. The “Dark Knight” became an emotional wreck on May 2, after paparazzi photos came out showing Adriana Lima stepping from a limo and heading into Rihanna’s Met Gala afterparty with her former boyfriend, NFL star Julian Edelman. Both the Victoria’s Secret stunner and the Patriots wide receiver — with whom she had broken up several months earlier — wore grins on their faces like they were having the time of their lives. Inside the party, Lima and Edelman were “flirty,” Post sources said. And, to add insult to injury, Lima unfollowed Harvey on Instagram after the event.

Apparently, Harvey was unaware that Lima was just not as into their relationship as he was. “Adriana’s relationship with Matt was never serious,” a source said. “They are no longer seeing each other.”

A depressed Harvey, who was in Atlanta on the night of the Met Gala, had to take his turn pitching in the Mets rotation a few hours after seeing his gal pal out on the town without him. He wound up getting hammered by the Braves, giving up six runs in five innings. Harvey got hammered again early Saturday, when he went to the Meatpacking District hot spot 1Oak — the same club where Lima and Edelman were photographed — and partied until 4 a.m. The feeling among other players on the Mets was that Harvey was out Friday night blowing off steam and trying to get over Lima, baseball sources told The Post.

Whether he managed to relax at all is unknown, because Lima called him while he was playing golf before the Mets game Saturday and had a conversation that made him even more upset, sources said. A few hours later, he would turn up AWOL for the Mets Game at Citi Field against the Florida Marlins, telling the team he had a “migraine,” and leading Mets brass to suspend him. Sources said Harvey had little chance with Lima — who was married to Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric for five years and who has been linked to celebs such as rocker Lenny Kravitz and Yankees great Derek Jeter.

As per usual, the rest of the world catching up to what we here at Barstool already know. Thanks to our inside source…let’s call him “Laul Poduca,” we already knew that Lima getting back with Edelman at the Met Gala sent Matt Harvey into a bender at the club leading to him miss a game and be suspended for 3 games.

Now I’ve been harsh with Matt Harvey. I’ve said I’m hashtag done #done. There’s no coming back from that. No matter how many shirts he bought. But I’m gonna offer up some advice. Take it, leave it, or tell me to go fuck myself Matt. Whatever. But I’m just gonna leave this right here:

J. J. O.

If there is ONE person who needs to join the JJO Movement, it’s Matt Harvey. It will solve all his problems. Live the JJO life and you’ll be able to join EMTC and make it to the ballpark. Boom. 2 birds, 1 stone. You might hate me Harvey but you need me. Because I’m gonna hit you with the real deal that’s gonna save your career:

Matt Harvey is entirely driven by pussy and ego, as most alpha male type are. The problem is when you let that drive for pussy and ego inhibit your actual talent. Then you’ll never be good enough to get the list and satisfy the ego in a vicious cycle of wasted opportunity. But in that moment when you finish JO’ing, pussy and ego are the furthest thing from your brain. FURTHEST. You’re dopey enough to not care about your image all while being simultaneously the sharpest you’ve ever been and you remember what’s most important. If Matt Harvey jerks off more he doesn’t care about Adriana Lima being gone. He doesn’t care about who Julian Edelman is fucking. He might even remember that baseball is what got him here. He might remember what it was like mowing down the Cubs in the NLCS and how those first 8 innings against the Royals felt. The guy said he wanted to be Jeter – well guess what pal? Jeter didn’t chase pussy. Pussy chased Jeter. Jeter didn’t cry to his team when he got dumped.

Only thing that stands between Matt Harvey getting back to that nose bleed, monster lipper Harvey is some lotion and some tissues.

This applies to everybody too, not just baseball players. If you, or anyone you know, is failing at life because of clouded Boner Brain and the powerful hold of the Power of the Pussy, please…JJO