Friendly Reminder That Erik Karlsson Is Playing His Best Hockey On A Broken Foot

Stubbing your toe sidelines you for the entirety of the NBA playoffs. Erik Karlsson is playing with 2 hairline fractures on his left heel and he’s led his Ottawa Senators to the Eastern Conference Final. A broken foot and he logged 182 minutes in 6 games against Boston. A broken foot and he logged 165 minutes in 6 games against New York. 13 points in 12 games throughout these playoffs so far. In case you’re not too familiar with those fancy stats, it means that Erik Karlsson is actually playing good even though his foot is about to fall off.

The Ottawa Senators have scored 52 goals total during these playoffs. Now I didn’t go to fancy shmancy math school but I do own a TI-84 calculator and can tell you this means that Erik Karlsson played a role in 1 out of every 4 Senators goals so far in the playoffs. And if you’ve been watching these games, you know that it’s the goals that have meant the most so far that have been blessed by EK’s wizardry. Just take a look for yourself.

And even those times when he’s just on the ice for the game winning goals, it’s the amount of attention that he draws to himself that opens up the rest of the ice for his teammates. We’re watching one of the most special players in this generation put an entire team on his back and sauce his way to greatness. And did I mention? His foot is basically sawed in half.

P.S. – Everybody’s known for a while now that Erik Karlsson is a magician offensively. He’s been the best offensive defenseman in the league for a while now and that’s been rewarded with a couple of Norris Trophies. The one knack on his game has been that he isn’t quite as dominant defensively as other elite D-men in the league. But I’m a firm believer that the best defense is a great offense. Watch that goal from the beginning of the blog again. As soon as he touches the puck in his own zone, you know he’s getting it out. He might not be shutting guys down as soon as they cross the blueline. But once the puck is on his stick? He is so smooth and skates so well that it’s a guaranteed clear at the least. The other team can’t score when you have the puck the whole game. Them’s is just the facts.