Astros Beat The Braves After Getting 5 In The First On Big Sexy

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Big time emotions happening this week for this Astros and Braves series. The Astros took care of Atlanta pretty easily last night. 5-run 1st and then cruise control for the rest of the game. Ho hum.

I’m heading to Houston today to watch the 2nd game of the series. Hot dogs are a dollar. It’s a day game. It’s Lil Wednesday. No reason to not take the 3-hour trip and do a little dartying watching some baseball.

I admit that it will be weird booing the Braves. But I gotta do it. The transformation will be complete at around 4 o’clock central time. I’m nervous, yet excited.

I’m really looking forward to wooing my dick off. I might just woo my voice away which the haters and losers will be glad about because they say that I sound high-pitched and nasally. It stings when they say it but we’ll get through it.

How About No, Stefan. Let’s go Stros.