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Passenger on Flight Tied Up and Bound after Trying to Smoke on the Plane


Courrier - A MAN is in police custody after he tried to smoke several times on-board an Emirates flight to Brisbane. The man, understood to be a German national, was detained by staff after he allegedly became violent and aggressive towards them. The incident happened on flight EK432, which arrived at Brisbane Airport from Singapore about 1.10am on Thursday. A photograph of the incident, taken by another passenger, shows a man restrained in a seat with his legs bound. He also appears to have his arms tied. Once the Boeing 777 touched down in Brisbane, staff notified authorities. Mathias Jorg, 54, appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday. He has been charged by Australian Federal Police with one count of smoking on an aircraft, one count of assaulting crew and one count of assaulting crew affecting the performance of their duty. Magistrate Stephen Gutridge said Mr Jorg would be allowed bail on condition that he surrender his passport to the Australian Federal Police and make no applications for another, and that he would not leave Australia or go within 100m of any place of international departure. The defendant objected to this when interpreter Claus Jehne told him the condition in German. Mr Jehne told the court Mr Jorg said he “didn’t trust” the condition and that his wrist had been damaged but he did not say how.

I am shocked shit like this doesn’t happen more often. How do smokers fly? Have to imagine it is the hardest thing to do on this planet. I’m more likely to dunk a basketball than a smoker is to have a comfortable time on a cross-country flight. That’s why the old days of airplanes were so cool. It was no holds barred up in the sky. Everyone wearing suits, lighting up, banging the 10/10 flight attendants. Flying used to be the coolest thing in the world. Basically I just imagine Leo Dicaprio in Catch Me If You Can whenever I think about how I want flying to be. The first airline to allow E-cigs is going to make an absolute killing. A Scrooge McDuck vault of money awaits that airline. They can just make a “smoking section” and charge people an absurd fee to be able to use dip and e-cigs. I’m not saying I just saved the airline industry, but I just single-handedly saved the airline industry.