Listening to the Celtics Talk About How Much They Hate Ray Allen Made Me Love That Team Even More Than I Already Did

I know Greenie already blogged this but I had to chime in on how much I loved listening to these guys trash Ray Allen for bolting for Miami. I mean I fucking loved it. I loved it so much I went back and googled all the articles I had written trashing Ray Allen for being one of the great traitors and scumbags of our generation. Just to remind me how much I hate this dude. I blogged about how he deserved to be booed when he returned to Boston. I called for Cedric Maxwell’s head when he said Ray’s number should be retired. And I went nuts on Lebron for calling KG a hypocrite for being mean to Ray. I’ve written so much stuff about Ray Allen I actually forgot we sold these shirts when he bolted for the Heat. Maybe the best shirt I’ve ever created.


Anyway the reason I hate Ray so much and why I love this reunion so much is because the Celtics were the last team in pro sports who actually cared about winning and loyalty more than money. These guys were a legit brotherhood. They left it all on the line every single time they stepped on the court. I think KG would still murder Ray Allen and Lebron if he could get away with it. Pro athletes just don’t care like this anymore. Everybody is best friends now. They bolt from team to team like normal people change underwear. They form superteams and follow the path of least resistance to get a title. It’s the Lebron effect. But not these guys. I mean if Ray Allen pulled this stunt with any other team in any other sport nobody blinks. They kiss him on the cheek, give him flowers, slap him on the ass and send him on his way. But not these guys. They still hold a grudge a decade later. They still hate his guts. This type of passion and hatred just doesn’t exist in pro sports anymore. It’s why I always loved this team. It’s also why Danny Ainge trading Kendrick Perkins was the worst trade of my lifetime. This wasn’t just about x’s and o’s. It wasn’t strictly talent. Guys weren’t interchangeable. Perk was the heart and soul. Ainge ripped it out and effectively ended this team’s run. The 2008-2010 Celtics were what sports should be all about. Them losing to the Lakers in Game 7 and the Pats vs. Giants perfect season are the 2 worst losses of my lifetime and it’s not even close.

Cue my favorite athlete rant ever