Guy Tees Off On Sawgrass' 18th, Immediately Kills A Bird

Happy Players Championship Week to everybody except that fucking bird! Nice little Randy Johnson throwback on Sawgrass’ famed 18th here. For all you Fore Play listeners out there, you know the rules: guy’s got to fish out the bird and eat it. You may think that’s a tough go but have you ever had fresh duck? Nothing fresher than “just murdered this duck with my Titleist 5 minutes ago” fresh. Delicious.

Not sure exactly where this dude’s ball was heading but this is where it ended up…

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 4.20.16 PM


Seen plenty of shitty bounces in my day, but the “was heading into the short stuff, collided with a flying creature, wound up in the lake” bounce is a new one. Tough to come back from that. 18th at Sawgrass is hard enough, not sure birds knocking your ball out of the air and into hazards is entirely fair.