Genius MMA Fighter Tries To Just Run Away From Opponent But Idiot Ref Stops The Fight

What the fuck, stripes?! That gameplan was working out flawlessly! Right out of Octagon Bob’s playbook!

I live my life by two absolutes: the best way to win a fight is to not get into a fight, and the best birth control is abstinence (by choice of course). This fighter, whatever his name is, was just trying to implement the first absolute. BUT, because there hasn’t been a massive changing of the guard yet, the referee was ignorant and unfamiliar with my new technique sweeping the nation, and stopped the fight. Does he WANT people to get concussions? CTE? Long term brain damage? Sure seems like it.

The means for a referee stoppage include a fighter in danger not intelligently defending themselves. What’s unintelligent about this?


I hope the commission in whatever country this took place in takes a long, hard, look at this and overrules the decision into a no contest. I mean, homeboy running away might as well have knocked black shorts out. It was complete dominance.