Barstool’s Champions League Preview – The “Juve vs Monaco – Take 2” Edition

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Hi haters,

Rewind to mid-February. Barcelona had just got spanked 0-4 at PSG and was heading back home for the second leg with barely a scrap of hope of advancing to this season’s UCL quarterfinal. That was the scene for perhaps the greatest comeback in the history of the competition.

Now fast forward to today. Monaco just lost 0-2 at home and now have to head on the road to Turin and overturn a multi-goal deficit against one of the best defensive teams in the world…

…so yeah, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: if the Frenchies find a way to advance it would be waaaaaaay more impressive than Barcelona’s historic escape versus those Other Frenchies.

Before we get to the particulars though, time to get your mind right:



Schedule for the return legs:




Juventus [-160]
Monaco [+425]
Draw [+290]


Both teams will have pretty much their first choice XIs out there today, which considering where we are in the season is rather miraculous. For Juventus, this is thanks to having all but wrapped up the Serie A title in October thus having the luxury of resting guys in recent weeks, whereas things just happened to fall into place for Monaco – in a dogfight with PSG domestically – with lingering injuries healing and suspensions being served.

There’s not a whole lot to new going on here from what I said last week, which to boil it down to an executive summary is that Monaco is dangerous as hell going forward but is prone to far too many mistakes defensively, while Juventus is strong on both sides of the ball. Not to put too fine a point on it, but that’s really all there is to it.

Sitting on a two-goal cushion, Juventus jas little motivation to push its midfield (let alone overlapping wing defenders) too far up the field. Instead the onus will be on Monaco, which will have to push the envelope a little bit in hopes of stealing a goal but – for the first half anyway – they will still attempt to maintain some semblance of defensive shape. With weapons like Kylian Mbappé you should never say never on the Frenchies somehow, someway getting one… but I’m willing to bet they come up empty.

That would mean Monaco will have no choice but to go balls to the wall in the second half, which will leave them exposed to counterattacks – something that Dortmund showed they have trouble with. Just as the first game set up well for Hungry, Hungry Higuain…


this one looks more like one in which Paulo Dybala will be the big problem for Monaco. Perhaps the most controversial prediction will be whether the Frenchies actually score, thereby snapping the Old Lady’s 75,000 straight (rough estimate) clean sheet streak… and I’ll go out on a limb and say they do thanks to Dimitar Berbatov Mbappé. Alas, it won’t be enough. Juventus to win 2-1 on a brace from the Argentinian Messi.

Skills >>>>>>> tats

Skills >>>>>>> tats


There we have it. Madrid Dærby to decide the other finalist tomorrow, followed by the biggest game of Deal Leader Jozay’s season on Spursday. Get pumped.


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