Aaron Hernandez's Murder Conviction Has Officially Been Vacated

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When I first heard that this was a possibility I didn’t believe it and to be honest I still don’t. Dude kills himself in jail before exhausting all of his appeals and all of a sudden he dies an innocent man? That don’t make any sense. In Louis CK’s new special he talks about how committing suicide is the ultimate move to get out of doing something. He says that nothing in life is mandatory, not even jury duty, because you can just kill yourself instead. While I agree with Louis wholeheartedly I think if you decide to hang yourself in a jail cell to avoid appeal then you shouldn’t, for some fucked up reason, essentially win that appeal.

BUT, good news, and I’m sure what was weighing on everyone’s mind… it appears as though the Pats won’t be on the hook for Hernandez’s money here. I’m not listening to the interview but our boy Daniel Wallach, who’s sports lawyer and was a great follow during Deflategate, just said it’s a “misconception” that the Patriots will have to pay up.

Soooo I guess that whole “YOU’RE RICH” thing in his suicide letter may have been premature? I don’t know, all we can be sure of is that Hernandez definitely totally absolutely didn’t kill Odin Lloyd. Let the record show that.