Yankees Win 6th In a Row On 45 Minutes Of Sleep


CINCINNATIA giddy, tired group of Yankees had filed into the cramped Wrigley Field clubhouse early Monday morning, thrilled by their 18-inning win against the Cubs. But they also dreaded what was to follow. A long bus ride to O’Hare airport awaited, followed by a flight to Cincinnati that would arrive at dawn. In the Yankees’ rush to dress and depart Chicago, one of the players thought of Monday night’s starter Masahiro Tanaka, who had flown ahead for his start, missing the six-hour, five-minute marathon. “I’ll bet he’s livin’,’’ the smiling Yankee shouted as he dropped the name of a popular steakhouse, where he imagined Tanaka might have enjoyed a casual dinner. Tanaka might have been the freshest Yankee, but his teammates scored three times before he ever threw a pitch in Monday night’s 10-4 interleague win against the Reds at Great American Ball Park.

The Yankees had every excuse to lose last night. They could’ve lost by 100 runs and not a single fan would be mad about it. But that’s not how winners approach things. Yeah, Tanaka was out there a day early so he would be ready for the start, but literally everyone else on the field was shot, both physically and emotionally are 18 innings at Wrigley.

Tanaka once again didn’t have his best stuff again. He hasn’t had his best stuff most of the season. However, in true ace form, he went out and battled through 7 innings because that’s what the team needed him to do. In any other situation that is a 6 inning, 2 run start, but with 100+ pitches already thrown, Tanaka took one on the chin and ate that 7th inning when he had nothing left.

The lineup came out ready to go by scoring 3 runs in the first to set the stage, Gardner and Holliday added bombs late in the game to pad the lead and most importantly Gary Sanchez is looking alive. After struggling the first week of the season, Sanchez spent a month on the DL with a strain, but now he’s getting back to his old form. Since rejoining the team on Friday, El Gary is batting a smooth .500 after going 3-3 with 2 RBI last night. He’s not quite at his 2016 form, but he’s hitting the ball hard and finding holes, which is how hot streaks start.

It was a great game, but it’s behind us and we need to focus on tonight for a few reasons. The first reason is that CC is on the mound tonight and has given up 6 and 7 earned runs in his last 2 starts. So far, the lineup has covered his ass and found ways to win games despite his poor outings, but that leash is getting tighter. With a 6-game win streak on the line against a team that has been over-performing expectations, CC needs a big game to quiet the people who want to see him moved to the pen or dropped from the team altogether. The bullpen is a possibility, but CC won’t be getting released because he serves as a team leader that can prove his worth tonight, by drilling Joey Votto in the ribs.

Last night Drew Storen hit 3 Yankees. With no bullpen, we couldn’t risk Tanaka getting thrown out of the game over Drew fucking Storen. Tonight though, look for CC to extract some old-school revenge and drill a guy on the Reds after he won’t have to bat again in the game.