Wake Up With Torii Hunter Robbing Barry Bonds Of A Home Run At The 2002 All Star Game

I don’t know why, but this has always been one of my fondest All Star Game memories. I think most All Star Games in pro sports are lame, but baseball’s All Star Game is the closest thing to an actual regulation game out of the four major sports.

Trying to put my finger on it right now, and I honestly think the reason why I enjoyed this moment so much was because A.) it was an amazing catch, and B.) I’m a big Barry Bonds guy, and this might’ve been the first time that I saw him actually “break character” so to speak as the big, scary dude who mashes home runs to the moon.

And don’t get me wrong — I loved that intimidating character that he portrayed on the baseball diamond, but I also loved how an exhibition game could bring out the fun-loving side of him. It was a nice little break from the stone-faced guy who was mostly miserable from his dealings with the media and every road crowd hating his mere existence.