Of Course The Barnabys In Delco Burnt Down Because A Lit Cig Was Tossed In The Mulch

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DelcoA cigarette carelessly tossed into mulch is being blamed for the raging fire that consumed the deck at Barnaby’s Restaurant and Pub, a popular watering hole in Havertown. Cigarette tossed into mulch blamed for fire Sunday at popular Havertown pub. The fire outside the West Chester Pike eatery broke out about 5:25 a.m. Sunday and quickly went to a second alarm, said Police Chief John Viola of Haverford Township, which includes Havertown. Five Haverford fire companies, along with companies from nearby Springfield and Marple Townships and Narberth Ambulance responded to the fire. “By the time the first call came in it was a heavy volume of fire,” said Viola, who said a cigarette discarded in mulch probably caused the blaze. “It smouldered and caught on the deck and went from there.”

Of course lit cigarette discharged in the mulch is what caused this roaring blaze. I bet a Delco native tried to Golden Shower the flames but since he pissed out more Everclear than urine, the flames spread. Actually, that 5-alarm fire could’ve literally be caused by ANYTHING and I wouldn’t have batted an eye. An electrical issue? The Union probably fucked someone over. Arson? The bartender got caught goosing someone’s wife. Someone got lit on fire and tossed through the pool table after an argument about whose dead uncle was a better kickoff specialist in the Central League? Subdue Friday night. There’s really an explanation for everything in that land.

Now there’s only one thing to do: Rebuild…just to burn it the fuck down one more time. #MakeDelcoGreatAgain. Oh, wait, someone is already leading the charge. Good(?) for them.

h/t Aiden