Nationals Had Their Brooms Ready, That Was Until Aaron Altherr Stepped Up To The Plate


If you don’t this name yet, then you clearly don’t read my blogs. If we are being honest, I don’t blame you. Aaron Altherr is playing like an elite baseball player right now. He isn’t putting up Judge, Trout or Harper numbers, but rather he has subtly inserted himself as one of the best outfielders in baseball right now. If I were to tell you that only 4 players in baseball have a higher OPS than Altherr right now, would you believe me? Three of them I already named, the 4th is Aaron Hicks and with a 1.057 OPS, 5th in Major League Baseball, you guessed it, Aaron Altherr.

As a baseball guy, I know how ludicrous a 23 game sample size is in regards to valuing someone’s worth. He can begin an 0-for-infinity slump tomorrow and be out of the game baseball for all we know. Domonic Brown had the best 23 game stretch in the history of the sport and look how he turned out. But, this dude is not Domonic Brown. He has a much bigger chip on his shoulder.

After being sidelined until August of last season with a wrist injury, Altherr started off red hot with 18 RBI in his first 24 games. Fatigue ultimately got to him, and he finished off the season with under a .200 BA and little to no confidence from the Front Office heading into the 2017 season. They went on to acquire Howie Kendrick and Michael Saunders as a stop gap for the plethora of outfielders the Phillies currently have in the minors. The season starts, Altherr is the 4th outfielder and when Kendrick went down, he knew it was probably his last chance to prove what type of ball player he is. And boy has he.

I have been saying it since last August that Altherr is the x-factor this team has desperately needed for a long time. He has taken advantage of every opportunity thrown his way this season. He and Cesar Hernandez have combined to be the best 1-2 punch in baseball. Now Aaron Altherr can only do so much, so now the question becomes how the hell are we 13-17?

We have one of the best 2B in the league right now. One of the best outfielders. One of the clutchest players in baseball, Freddy Galvis. Odubel has been electric on both sides of the diamond. They aren’t the reason. The answer is simply 2-strike pitching. We are the worst 2-strike pitching team in the entire MLB. This weekend alone we allowed eleven, 2-strike hits, including 3 home runs. The league average OPS for batters with 2-strikes is .520. Phillies pitchers have allowed a horrific .620 OPS including 19 HR in 2-strike counts. Until we fix this SERIOUS problem, then we will continue to be the running joke around baseball known as, “The Phillies.”

PS – How can anyone from Philly with a shred of dignity still like this man?


The top comment in Nate’s blog about Werth was, “Miss the bearded goon. Hate the people that boo him.” Are you fucking kidding me? This man signed a 100+ million dollar deal to a division rival and all he has done ever since is murder Phillies pitching. Plus, just look at him. It’s hard to find a more hateable human being than him. He is in the snowball and battery throwing conversation. Jayson Werth deserves every boo he gets for all eternity.