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Draymond Green Saying Kelly Olynyk Is A Dirty Player And He Doesn't Respect Players Like That Is Laugh Out Loud Funny


LOL. Man I needed a little pick me up after last night’s blowout and here comes Draymond Green from the clouds to provide it. I can’t stop laughing. I literally spit out my coffee that I was actually drinking all over my work computer. Keys are sticking like a motherfucker right now.

Is Draymond honestly the least self away person on the planet? If you straight up asked him if he was a dirty player, he says no. But that Kelly Olynyk, man plays like he’s on the Bad Boy Pistons just taking cheap shots whenever he gets the chance. Draymond though, those are just veteran basketball tricks guys so please do not confuse what he does with Olynyk setting a hard screen or anything like that. One is dirty, one is smart basketball duh.

You can’t be the player Draymond is and then say you don’t respect a tall goofy white dude for being a “dirty” player. This sounds a whole lot like when Lebron said he doesn’t need to flop and has never even considered flopping in the history of his life. Or if Smart said he doesn’t respect players who flop. Laugh out loud funny stuff.

If anything Draymond should be thanking Olynyk for that Love injury because it essentially won the title for GS. So not only is Draymond not self aware, but he’s also ungrateful. Sad!

But just so we’re clear…

Kelly Olynyk = dirty

Draymond Green = savvy veteran